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I do not trade per snail mail. Might change my mind if it is really something I want and you're not trading online.. though that won't happen quite often, I'm afraid. 

As for my policies.. they're quite common:

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My wants list can be found at the bottom of this post. Don't despair if you don't have anything from my wants list , you can still contact me. Just send me your list and I am sure I can find something there.  I'm not one of those who send you a reply with "Sorry, not interested". Even if your list only has recordings which I don't collect, I'm sure I can pick something.
Video bootlegs

Beauty and the Beast
Stuttgart, 18.12.1997
Uwe Kröger, Leah Delos-Santos, Marc Dalio, Werner Bauer, Horst Krüger, Thierry Gondet, Cristina Grimandi, Peter Zeiler.
Some generation loss and lots of washout. Some very annoyingly persistent head obstruction that the filmer never really gets around. Uwe is hilariously good in this one, and does an especially great job on the Beast's solo number.
B- Quality for picture, C Quality for filming.

The Netherlands, date unknown
Chantal Janzen, Stanley Burleson, René van Kooten
B- Quality

Bonnie and Clyde
La Jolla - 14.11.2009
Laura Osnes, Stark Sands, Mare Winningham, Melissa van der Schyff, Claybourne Elder, Chris Peluso, Wayne Duvall, Michael Mulligan, Michael Lanning.
A Quality

Der Graf von Monte Christo
St. Gallen – 06.03.2010
Frank Wildhorn
Thomas Borchert, Sophie Berner, Carsten Lepper, Christoph Goetten, Karim Khawatmi
A- Quality

St. Gallen – 2005
Frank Wildhorn.
Drew Sarich, Jesper Tydén, Chris Murray, Ann Christin Elverum, Caroline Vasicek.
A- Quality

Broadway - 31.07.2004
Frank Wildhorn
Tom Hewitt, Melissa Errico, Don Stephenson, Darren Ritchie, Stephen McKinley Henderson,
Kelli O'Hara, Chris Hoch, Shonn Wiley, Bart Shatto, Celina Carvajal, Melissa Fagan, Chuck Wagner.
A- Quality

Berlin – 07.06.2010
Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger, Markus Pol, Oliver Arno, Christa Wettstein
B+/A- Quality

Düsseldorf - 27.03.2010
Annemieke van Dam, Oliver Arno, Bruno Grassini, Markus Pol.
A Quality

Elisabeth, Legende Einer Heiligen
Eisenach - Date Unknown
Sabrina Weckerlin, Chris Murray, Mara Dorn, Christian Schöne, Kristian Korsholm Vetter, Jesse Garon, Armin Kahl, Katrin Wiedmann, Arthur Ortens

Marburg – 30.12.2009 (Matinee)
Sabrina Weckerlin, Norbert Conrads, Lucius Wolter, Kristian Vetter, Jesse Garon, Christian Schoene,  Mara Dorn, Marie Kassner, Robert Meyer, Annalena Ziehn, Adrian Buechner,

Jane Eyre
Broadway – 18.04.2001
Marla Schaffel, James Barbour, etc.
2 .avi files, I also have VOBs
Nice close-ups, good audio, decent picture which suffers from some odd and especially dark lighting but there are beautiful close-ups. Focused and passionate performances. Rare video

Jekyll & Hyde
Magdeburg, Germany – 08.11.2009
Yngve Gasoy-Romdal, Katharine Mehrling, Leah Delos Santos, Markus Liske, Paul Sketris, Peter Wittig, Mario Solimene, Manfred Wulfert , Wolfgang Klose, Regina Most, Juergen Jakobs, Thomas Matz, Ulrike Baumbach
A/A- Quality

Köln, Germany - 16.03.2003
Veit Schäfermeier, Nicole Seeger, Anna Montanaro
B Quality

Little Women
Sutton Foster, Jennifer Powers, Megan McGinnis, Maureen McGovern
A Quality. Sutton is absolutely amazing as Jo.

Marie Antoinette
Bremen – 02.05.2009
Maricel (alt.), Sabrina Weckerlin,Ethan Freeman, Patrick Stanke, Tim Reichwein, Thomas Christ, Maike Switzer, Sarah Schütz, Oliver Heim, Fernand Delosch, Bettina Meske, Daniele Nonnis, Ulrich Talle, Patrick Schenk, Lisette Groot, Valentin Kirsch, Lea Oetjen. beautiful shot without head obstruction
A Quality

Wien –2006 highlights
Uwe Kröger, Joana Fee Würz, Susan Rigvava-Dumas, Carin Filipcic, Carsten Lepper, André Bauer Norbert Bertassi, Oliver Mülich
A Quality (lost these, looking for a replacement)

Wien – 05.10.2007
Wietske van Tongeren, Uwe Kröger, Susan Rigvava-Dumas, Carsten Lepper, Marika Lichter, Kerstin Ibald, Marcel Meyer, Norberto Bertassi, Dennis Kozeluh.
A Quality

Wien – 21.09.2008
Wietske van Tongeren, Tim Reichwein, Susan Rigvava-Dumas, Ramin Dustar, Carin Filipčić, Kerstin Ibald, Andre Bauer, Norberto Bertassi.
A Quality

Wien - 27.06.2009
Drew Sarich, Lisa Antoni, Uwe Kröger, Carin Filipcic, Wietske van Tongeren, Claus Dam
A Quality

Szeged - 28.07.2006
Video bootleg of the première.
Attila Dolhai, Bernadett Vágó. 1st cast
A- Quality. Sometimes a head visible at the right side of the screen.

Sister Act
London – date unknown to me
Patina Miller, Sheila Hancock, etc. Original cast, except for Sister Mary Lazarus
A Quality, camera is a bit unsteady at times, but the quality is good.

Christian Borle, Michael McGrath, Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce
A+ Quality

Tanz der Vampire/ Dance of the Vampires
Broadway – date unknown to me
Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois, Mandy Gonzales, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking,  Liz McCartney, Ron Orbach, Mark Price, Asa Somers.
B+ Quality. Some generation loss

Oberhausen – 28.10.2009
Jan Ammann, Nele-Liis Vaiksoo, Christian Stadlhofer, Krisha Dalke, Jerzy Jeszk, Linda Konrad, Florian Fetterle, Stefan Buedenbender, Martine de Jager
A Quality

Oberhausen – 06.09.2009
Matthias Stockinger, Anne Hoth, Christian Stadlhofer, Riccardo Greco, Jerzy Jeszke, Linda Konrad, Florian Fetterle, Stefan Buedenbender, Eva Maria Bender
A Quality

Oberhausen – 27.09.2009
Kevin Tarte, Nele -Liis Vaiksoo, Christian Stadlhofer, Krisha Dalke, Jerzy Jeszke, Linda Konrad, Florian Fetterle, Andras Simonffy, Janaina Bianchi
A Quality. Beautifully filmed.

Wien – 11.01.2010
Thomas Borchert, Marjan Shaki, Gernot Kranner, Lukas Perman, James Sbano, Katharina Dorian,  Anna Thorén, Florian Theiler, Thomas Weissengruber.
A- Quality (due to some head obstructions)

The Addams Family
Broadway – 12.03.2010
Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwirth, Terrence Mann, Carolee Carmello, Kevin Chamberlin, Jackie Hoffman, Zachary James, Wesley Taylor, Krysta Rodriguez, Adam Riegler
A- Quality

The Phantom of the Opera
Broadway - 09.01.1988
First Broadway Preview
Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman, Steve Barton
B Quality Not bad quality for its age.

Los Angeles - 1989
Michael Crawford, Dale Kristen, Steve Barton

Los Angeles - 1990
Michael Crawford, Dale Kristien, Norman Large, Mary D’Arcy.
Very nicely filmed, but some generational loss.

Sapporo - 06.04.1994
Eiji Akutagawa, Hisako Hanaoka, Kenji Ishimaru
A-/B+ Quality. Includes curtain speeches

The Scarlet Pimpernel
Broadway – 02.1998 (SP1)
Christine Andreas, Terrance Mann, Douglas Sills, Gilles Chaison.  
B+ Quality, 2 .mpeg files (I also have .VOBs) NOTE: one VOB is broken, can't trade it out at the moment

Broadway - 08.05.1999 (SP2)
Douglas Sills, Rachel York, Rex Smith
Nice video, considered the best recording of SP2
A-/B+ Quality

Broadway – 29.05.1999 and 30.05.1999 (SP2)
Douglas Sills, Rex Smith, Rachel York. Mainly the 29th, but "The Riddle" and the curtain call from the 30th are spliced in nicely; also has highlights footage from the 30th of "You Are My Home," "Into the Fire," and "Prayer".
A - Quality; the taper knew the show well.

Broadway - 09.10.1999 (SP3)
Ron Bohmer, Elizabeth Ward Land, Marc Kudisch
Well-shot video with some spotlight washout on the wider shots, but otherwise nice. Transferred from VHS and has a counter at the lower right corner.
A- Quality

Broadway - 03.04.2000 (SP4)
Douglas Sills, Amy Bodnar, William Michals.
A Quality. Shot from the right upper balcony.

Broadway - 16.06.2000 (SP4)
Douglas Sills, William Paul Michals, Amy Bodnar. Some zooms, not extreme. When I Look At You shot at other side of the theatre.
Funny show! Doug is in ad-lib heaven. Includes about 45 minites of highlights from 09.06.2000 also in LA, a video from Doug's replacement (looks like DB Bonds)
A- Quality

Nashville - 27.06.2000 (SP4)
Robert Patteri, William Paul Michals, Amy Bodnar.
A nice show, interesting to see someone else as Percy (apart from Ron Bohmer). Robert does a great job.
Some cover ups, some wash out, but very enjoyable.
A- Quality

Overland Park, Kansas - 27.06.2002
Ron Bohmer, Sandra Joseph, Tim Noland, Lori Blalock
Very enjoyable, good to have Ron back. Sandra is an interesting Marguerite. The show is somewhat different from what we're used to. Storybook has drastically been re-written. Still it's a nice video with nice close-ups and some full stage shots.
A Quality

Wichita - 08.2003
Damon Kirsche, Kim Huber, Aaron Lazar. Wonderful video, slight gen loss; sometimes part of the image is slightly desaturated.
Beautiful closeups, very clear sound
A Quality

Bremerhaven, Germany – 02.04.2010
Hans Neblung, Maike Switzer, Ralph Ertel
A Quality

Bielefeld, Germany - 28.3.2010
Veit Schaefermeier, Karin Seyfried, Alexander Franzen
A Quality, crystal clear!

London – 18.10.2007
Kerry Ellis, Dianne Pilkington, Oliver Tompsett, Susie Blake, Nigel Planer, Katie Rowley Jones, James Gillan, Andy Mace, Christopher Mitchell
A Quality

Broadway - 09.04.2010
Mandy Gonzalez, Katie Rose Clark, Rondi Reed, PJ Benjamin, Andy Karl, Alex Brightman, Jenny Fellner
Amazing quality, A+

Pro shots

3 Musketiers
The Netherlands – 2003
Bastiaan Ragas, Tooske Ragas-Breugem, Pia Douwes, Stanley Burleson, Henk Poort, Rein Kolpa, Cees Geel.
A ++ Quality, commercial pro shot DVD

Absolut Uwe
Uwe Kröger. Special guest: Pia Douwes
Songs from famous musicals and movies.
A ++ Quality, commercial pro shot DVD

Tecklenburg, Germany – 2009
Zodwa Selele, Patrick Stanke, Willemijn Verkaik, Marc Clear, Thada Suanduanchai, Mario Mariano, Ansgar Schäfer, Milica Jovanovic
A+ Quality

Amstetten, Austria – 2008
Ava Brennan, Mathias Edenborn, Nazide Aylin, Paul Vaes, Pehton Quirante, Walter Reynolds, Michael Flöth, Nyassa Alberta
A ++ Quality

Wichita, USA – 8.2005
Montego Glover, Darren Ritchie, Chelsea Krombach, Craig Ricks, Javier Perez-Gomez, Charles Parker, Ebony Blake. Includes some extras, like Tv ads, and side shots.
A+ Quality

Ciske de Rat
Scheveningen, The Netherlands – 2010
Dave Dekker,  Danny de Munk, Marjolijn Touw, Mariska van Kolck, Hugo Haenen, Hajo Bruins, Jorge Verkroost
A++ Quality. Includes Making Of. Commercial pro shot   *LIMITED TRADE

Tokyo – 19.04.2004
Maki Ichiro, Uwe Kroeger, Yoshio Inoue
A++ Quality. Contains songs from Kiss Me, Kate, The Witches Of Eastwick, The King And I, Aspects Of Love, Mozart!, Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia!, The Rose, Anna Karenina, Tomorrow Never Dies, Les Misérables, Jekyll & Hyde, Elisabeth and The Wiz.

Graz, Austria  – 2007
Thomas Borchert, Uwe Kröger, Jesper Tyden, Lyn Liechty, Caroline Vasicek, Eric Misnk,  Lucius Wolter. 
A++ Quality. 2 .avi files/VOBs

Vienna, 1998
Maya Haakvoort, Felix Martin, Thomas Borchert.
A- Quality

Scheveningen, The Netherlands – 1999
Pia Douwes, Stanley Burleson, Wim van der Driessen.
A- Quality, quality loss due to age.

Scheveningen, The Netherlands -  June 2, 2001
Marleen van der Loo, Stanley Burleson, Antonie Kamerling, Jeroen Phaff, Addo Kruizinga
Note: Slightly blurry/red-tinted proshot, but very  watchable.

Wien – 2005
Maya Hakvoort, Máté Kamarás, Serkan Kaya, André Bauer, Else Ludwig.
A ++ Quality Commercial pro shot

Takarazuka – 2007
Mizu Natsuki, Shirahane Yuri, Otozuki Rei, Ayabuki Mao, Mirai Yuuki, Ouki Kaname, Ritsu Tomomi A ++ Quality

Baden, Austria – 2006
Maya Hakvoort, Boris Pfeiffer, Franz Csencsits, Betina Reifenschmieder, Reinwald Kranner.
A+ Quality

Tecklenburg, Germany – 2009
Anna Montanaro, Yngve Gasoy-Romdal, Marc Clear, Jana Stelley, Adrian Becker.
A+ Quality

The Netherlands – 1997(?)
Stanley Burleson, Vera Mann, Simone Kleinsma, Rolf Koster, Mathilde Santing.
A- Quality due to generation loss

Legally Blonde
MTV Broadcast – 18.09.2007
Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Richard H. Blake, Kate Shindle, Michael Rupert, Tracy Jai Edwards, Annaleigh Ashford, Asmeret Ghebremichael, Nikki Snelson, Stephanie Fittro, Andy Karl, Natalie Joy Johnson, Bryce Ryness, Lindsay Nicole Chambers
A++ Quality

Jan Ammann, Nils-Holger Bock, Janet Chvatal, Matthias Eschli, Bruno Grassini, Marc Gremm, Norbert Lamla, Christina Wettstein, Suzan Zeichner

Miss Saigon
Fullerton, CA, USA – 16.09.2005
Franc-Anton Harwart, Kristine Remigio, Blake Pullen, Kelly Lamont, Maceo Oliver.
A + Quality

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 04.07.1999 Final performance
Linda Wagenmakers, Willem Nijholt, Tony Neef, Claudia de Graaf, Marc Dollevoet, Arvin Quirante, Cystine Carreon.
A- Quality, due to slight generation loss.

Tecklenburg, Germany – 2008
Patrick Stanke, Ethan Freeman, Marc Clear, Simone Geyer, Karin Seyfried, Adrian Becker.
A+ Quality

Mozart! In Concert
Wien – 2006
Rasmus Borkowski, André Bauer, Uwe Kröger, Jana Stelley, Caroline Vasicek, Carin Filipcic, Harald Tauber.
A++ Quality

My Fair Lady
Manchester – 2005
Amy Nuttall, Christopher Cazenove
A++ Quality

Budapest - 25.5.2010
Vágó Zsuzsi, Szabó P. Szilveszter, Bálint Ádám, Szulák Andrea, Pálfalvy Attila, Nádasi Veronika, Füredi Nikolett, Sánta László, Csuha Lajos, Dézsy Szabó Gábor, Marik Péter, Oláh Tibor, Péter Richárd, Arányi Adrienn
A+ Quality, a delightful version of Kunze and Levay's musical version of the novel by Daphne de Maurier.

Amsterdam - date unknown
Henk Poort, Wieneke Remmers, Maike Boerdam, Annick Boer, Paul Vaes
A+ Quality, full stage shot, so the effects with Rembrandt's paintings are very clear.
I saw this show live and it's the best musical I have ever seen

Szeged - 29.07.2006
Arpad Zsolt Meszaros, Zsuzsi Vago, Anna Peller, Zsolt Hommonay, Csaba Jantyik, Veronika Nadasi.
A Quality. Beautiful picture. Sorry, I have no small files.

Budapest,Hungary – 2007
Arpad Zsolt Meszaros, Zsuzsi Vágó, Zsolt Hommonay, Szilveszter Szabó, Kata Janza, Veronika Nadasi.
A+ Quality

Budapest, Hungary - 2007
Attila Dolhai, Bernadett Vágó, Tamás Földes, Zoltán Bereczki , Kata Janza, Attila Németh.
A+ Quality

Wien – 2009
Drew Sarich, Lisa Antoni, Uwe Kröger, Carin Filipcic, Wietske van Tongeren, Claus Dam.
A++ Quality, commercial pro shot DVD

Wien – 6.10.2008
Cast presentation. Lisa Antoni, Uwe Kröger, Carin Filipcic, Wietske van Tongeren, Claus Dam. Drew Sarich makes an appearance on video screen.

The Phantom of the Opera
Los Angeles - 1993
Davis Gaines, Dale Kristien, Michael Piontek
Said to be the final performance. Pro shot by house camera.

Amsterdam - 02.08.1996
Sadly .mpeg file, still burnable on disc though.
Henk Poort, Els Bongers
Final show, theatre-shot. Curtains and speeches included! (good sound, steady cam on a tripod, sadly no zooms, but clear for its age.
B-Quality. Henk Poort is said to be the best Phantom ever, according to director Harold Prince.

London - 1995
Ethan Freeman, Jill Washington, Simon Bowman. Shot on a tripod with quite a nice balance of stage shots and closer shots. Only gets really close a few times. Single-Camera Pro-shot.
Note: Some generation loss

The Scarlet Pimpernel
Performance Riverside - 09/10.2001
Edward Staudenmayer, Kim Huber, Eric Anderson, Michelle Lane, Eric McEwen.
A- Quality. Pro-shot of this regional production with some mild generation loss.

Halle, Germany – 12.02.2003 & 13.02.2003
Darius Merstein-MacLeod, Ann Christin Elverum, Christopher Murray, Zoltan Tombor, Elisabeth Hinze, Jörg Decker, Karl-Heinz Freiberg, Gerd Vogel, Jordi Mollina, Martin Köhler.
A+ Quality Dress and General Rehearsal.    *LIMITED TRADE

Takarazuka – 2008
Aran Kei, Toono Asuka, Yuzuki Reon, Ema Naoki, Mari Yuzumi

Takarazuka - 2010 (.flv files) Looking for VOBs
Izumi Aoki, Yuki Aono, Rio Asumi,Mizuka Hanese, Hiromy Kiriya, Sonoka Kiryu,Ryu Koshino, Masaki Ryu, Kaito Seijo


My wants:

Any video of The Scarlet Pimpernel which I don't have  (MAJOR WANT)
Any video of Rudolf which I don't have
Any video of Rebecca which I don't have

Anything with Drew Sarich, Pia Douwes, Brigitte Heitzer, Stanley Burleson, Douglas Sills, James Barbour which I don't have.. and that can be ANYTHING lol.


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